Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So about once a week Peace Corps delivers our mail. What happens then is a little ritual we call, Who’s Loved The Most.

Who’s Loved The Most goes something like this:

One volunteer stands at the front of the room calling out names for letters and packages
Everyone whose name gets called for a letter gets a big cheer from the crowd
Everyone whose name gets called for a package gets shrieks, applauding and vulture-like eyeing as we look to see what the hailed package contains.

This entry is to say that today, for the very first time, my name was called and I ran down the aisle to receive a letter from JENNIFER MELDRUM who earns major friend-brownie points for not only sending me a letter but sending it on April 13, three whole days before I left.

So panic not, my loved ones, your items WILL make it and know that they will be welcomed with envious cheers and, yes, even a little eye-welling-up from me.

ALSO—many many many thanks to the 26 amazing people who signed up to send me packages each of the 26 months I am here. Mum handed me the list on my way to the airport and I spent a long time gasping in awe at how generous you all are.

Heading out to the village in just 13 hours.

Sala Sentle (Stay well)


Travis Bedard said...

Without an address how can we prove to Botswana that you are the most loved?

Sara said...

Her address is:
Private Bag 00243
Peace Corps

Jessica: I might end up in South Africa with SIT this January!!! How insane is that!!