Tuesday, June 10, 2008


June 9, 2008

Three more volunteers decided to go home this week, dropping our original group of 61 to just 53. Although I was closest to Kim, I cried my heart out when Jan left today. Jan had been selected to serve in Olibikom, the village I had shadowed in last month. The village that broke my heart. The village that so desperately needs a volunteer.

The country director stopped to console me and agreed that Olibikom is one of the most needy areas in this country. We talked about the possibility of a transfer but when she realized I would have to change programs she explained it would not be possible. We discussed the value of HIV prevention work and I was reminded of how strongly I believe in the Lifeskills programs I’ve been slotted for.

Anel and Hael came outside to hug me and I cried for 5 more minutes before returning o session. We were processing site visits and it was my turn. I stood up and told the group about my beautiful new home in Kumakwane.

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