Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jet Lagged in Jo-burg

we landed in south africa last night after 18 hours in the air. the sky was filled with purple and orange clouds and we were eager to collapse in the hotel-- unfortunately a shuttle-mishap left up stranded in the airport where we held a yoga class and slept on each others shoulders until we could finally leave.

the hotel is plush and beautiful. we are not allowed to leave (city is a bit too dangers for naive americans) so we spend the night sipping beer and talking about our homestay families who we'll all meet on wednesday.

last night i also found out i'll be station in a suburb of Gaborone with electricity and, at the very least, a spicket for water in the home. i also learned that all the lifeskills group will be in the Gab-burbs which means i'll be relatively close to a familiar face throughout the 2 years-- phew.

attempted to run this morning and nearly fainted (after recovering i was told jet-lag, low blood sugar, poor sleep were to blame) recovering now and setting off for gaborone in just 1 hour... more updates soon...

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Blanche said...

Jess !!! the echo that resounds everytime I walk by your room is haunting ! i always have this need to peep in, half hoping that you are in there ! i have to say that the apt has never been this quiet in the long years that we lived there ! so happy that you are keeping us up-to-date with your blog. i'm looking forward to journeying with you !! miss you like crazy !! love and kisses ... blanche